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We have changed the way we are working to reflect the current Global Pandemic.

We are still here for you, please complete the contact form to arrange a video or telephone counselling session.

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We create a safe and trusting environment where you feel able to talk about the issue or situation that is getting in your way. We all go through times where we feel that we need a bit of extra help and by talking to someone who is not connected to the problem may be just the support you require.

Our therapeutic approach and way of working is that of Integrative approach. This means at times we will use techniques and strategies. We call these interventions and they help us to help you gain understanding and move towards your goals. We will speak with you about this when we meet.

We are therapists from different genders. So we assist you in the best way possible in one to one and group work, please complete the contact page and we will discuss your needs when we meet.

what we offer

Online Video Counselling 
Online Video Counselling is real time therapy over the Internet. The software we use is free and easy to download. The benefit of online video counselling is that you are able to see the counsellor for the duration of the session. This approach enables you to attend a counselling session from your own location anywhere in the world.

 1-1 Counselling
This is a therapeutic relationship that happens when a client and therapist set aside time to explore difficulties, to help the client to reflect on their situation. Sometimes seeing things from a different position can offer clients to focus on feelings, experiences or behaviour, with a goal of change. During this therapeutic relationship, confidentiality is important to protect the integrity of the relationship.

Telephone Counselling
Telephone Counselling can be arranged from the location of your choice and easy to fit in with busy work, home or family commitments. At a convenient mutual time to suit you.

Personal Coaching
Coaching will look to gain an overall perspective of an individual’s life before identifying which area they aim to change or are currently unhappy with. The life coach and client will agree goals and work towards them during sessions by breaking down into achievable goals. It is then down to the individual to use the techniques they have learnt to work on what has been agreed to achieve effective change.

1-1 / Group
Clinical Supervision
The task is to work together to ensure and develop the efficacy of the supervisor and supervisee relationship, with an ultimate aim of ensuring the client’s needs are being addressed through reflective practice.

Frequency of clinical supervision is a minimum of 1.5 hours per calendar month, if you have a full case load, you may need to increase your supervision time. We can talk about this when we meet.

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