Client Testimonies

Client Testimonies

We are only able to build on our experience through the client work we have provided over the years.
Here are some encouraging comments that we have received from our clients:

I found the counsellor very caring she helped me find my way back onto the right path.
I am sure a lot of other young people would benefit from this counselling service. I did!
(S, female aged 16 years)

I found the service very helpful I was able to put my negative thoughts into more of a rational mind set.
(P, female aged 28 years)

I never thought I would refer myself for counselling, however I felt I reached a point in my life where I did not know where to turn. In the sessions I felt supported and for once in my life someone was listening to me.
(T, male aged 42 years)

Thanks for everything!! For being there when I needed someone to talk to, for all your help all of which was priceless.
(L, female aged 59 years)


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